Standard to Absolute


We pride ourselves on providing mechanically sound and robust products that have been maintained in accordance with the manufacturers service schedule wherever possible. That said as cars are after all mechanical, so we now offer customers a parts and labour warranty plan by AU Warranties.

Extendible guarantee

This can be purchased for
up to 5 years.

AU Absolute Guarantee:

Benefits of AU's Absolute Cover

AU's Absolute cover option is available on vehicles that are up to 8 years old and 80,000 miles at inception. Cover will default to standard once the vehicle exceeds 100,000 miles, and encompasses all the benefits of standard.

          Replacement vehicle hire is available for authorised repairs (24 hours after the repair has commenced) with a repair manual labour time of more than 8 hours. Cost of hire limited to £60 per day, for a maximum of 2 days.

          Overnight accommodation or rail costs up to a maximum of £100, for valid repairs.

          Up to 60 days continental cover for valid guarantee claims

          Auto Union Breakdown Assistance - will be included with only Absolute cover and may provide assistance at the roadside or your home. It will either get you back on the road or recover you to the nearest authorised repairer.

          In-car entertainment systems


          Clutch components (excluding friction plate)

          and for the first 6 months all the upgrade options: EGR, DPF, CAT and battery (Ask us about adding these for the full term of the Absolute cover.)

AU Standard Guarantee:

Details of AU's Standard Cover

This cover applies to vehicles which are up to 12 years old and have covered less than 120,000 miles at inception. Almost all electrical and mechanical components are covered for total failure except those listed under parts not covered.


You are covered for mechanical and electrical failure on all mechanical and electrical components that were originally fitted on the vehicle, except otherwise stated.

          Braking System

          All hydraulic components are covered for mechanical failure, not wear and tear. This includes brake callipers (excluding seized units), master cylinder, wheel cylinders, apportioning and compensator valves, brake limiter valve, brake servo unit, vacuum pump, ABS pump, ABS modulator/control valve and sensors.

          Cooling System

          Water pump, viscous fan coupling, radiator and expansion tank, oil cooler, heater matrix, cooling fan motor.

          Electrical System

          Alternator, starter motor, starter solenoid, distributor, electronic control units, electronic ignition module, wiper motors, heater fan motors, central locking motors and solenoids, window motors, horn, washer pump motors, sun roof motor, electric door mirror motors, relays, fuel tank sender unit, switches.


          All internally lubricated components are covered for mechanical failure, not wear and tear. This includes cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, valves (excluding decarbonisation, burnt or pitted valves and valve seats), valve springs, valve guides, camshaft and bearings, camshaft followers, hydraulic lifters, timing gears, timing chains, piston and piston rings, cylinder liners and liner seals, connecting rods and small end bearings, gudgeon pins, crankshaft and crankshaft bearings, oil pump and oil pump drive, distributor driveshaft, flywheel, starter motor ring gear, engine management sensors.

          Final Drive

          All internally lubricated components are covered for mechanical failure, not wear and tear. This includes crown wheel and pinion, differential gears and bearings, 4x4 transfer box, halfshaft, halfshaft bearings, driveshafts, bearings and constant velocity joints, propeller shaft universal joints and centre bearing, wheel bearings, final drive sensors. This excludes rubber boots and gaiters.

          Fuel System

          Fuel injection pump, pump drive gear, lift pump, fuel pump relay, fuel system electronic control unit. This excludes fuel injectors/glow plugs.


          All internally lubricated components, are covered for mechanical failure, not wear and tear. This includes: Gears, shafts, synchroniser hubs and baulk rings, selector shafts and selector forks, internal bearings and bushes, oil pump, valve and valve block, clutches and brake bands, governor, torque converter, modulator valve, gearbox sensors. This excludes external linkages.


          Steering rack or box, power steering pump, idler box, reservoir. This excludes rubber boots and gaiters.


          Working materials e.g. oils, filters, antifreeze are claimable as a direct result of a valid claim providing the vehicle is not within 1,000 miles of its next scheduled service.

          Timing Belts

          Timing belts and tensioners are covered providing that the last due change has taken place as specified by the manufacturer's schedule (proof required). Damage subsequently caused if timing belt has not been changed as specified by the manufacturer is specifically excluded.

          Turbo Charger

          Factory fitted turbocharger, intercooler and wastegate, up to 70,000 miles or seven years.


          4x4 or vehicle's above 2.8cc 50% increase. Luxury vehicle's please AU approved dealer for listings 100% increase. Super cars see listings 250% increase.

Service Requirements

It is a condition of this service plan that you have your vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, by the selling dealer or VAT registered garage. This servicing must be carried out within 1,000 miles or 30 days, whichever occurs first, of the intervals specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Exclusions from Standard Cover

                    Service items which will require interval replacement and perishable seals

          Any item that has worn in line with age or mileage

          Auxiliary drive belts

          Batteries (EGR and DPF)

          Brake and clutch facings or components

          Fuse bulbs including LED

          Channels and guides

          Cleaning or adjustment of any component/carbon/soot build-up

          All hoses or pipes

          Discs and drums

          Heated windows and glass including mirrors

          Handles, hinges and check straps

          Cosmetic finishes upholstery and trim

          All aspects of wheels, wiper blades and arms

Cover does not include damage attributable to negligence, impact or road traffic accident or any other extraneous cause. Claims for timing belts will be subject to proof of last scheduled change.

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