How do i apply for car finance?
You can either apply online or give us a call. One of our friendly personal car loan advisors will be happy to help.
Ive lived in the UK for 3 years can i get car finance?
We are able to help with finance if you have lived in the UK for at least 3 years.
Im 17 years old can i get finance?
Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to help until your 18 years old. Unless you have a joint applicant over 18
Can i give my car back to the finance company?
When you get over 50% of the agreement you are within your rights to hand the car back to the finance company, it would be wise to look through your contract as some finance companies will charge for any exterior/ interior damage on collection.
What documents do i need if im accepted for car finance?
Usually all we will need is a copy of your driving licence BOTH PARTS. In some cases though, we may need a proof of address (utility bill, bank statement or council tax) dated within the last 3 months
Can a parent apply for car finance for me?
Yes they can as long as they have a full driving license and they are happy to do the finance for you.
Can i get finance if im a student?
Yes you can as long as you have income and a good credit rating we should be able to help, we also accept nurse bursary.
Do i have to be on the electoral roll
Not necessarily but it does help if you are on the electoral roll, you may be asked to provide a proof of address.
Is age a problem when it comes to finance?
You have to be 18 to apply and no older than 80 at the end of an agreement.
Do you have to take a entire vehicle on finance?
Not necessarily, you can put a deposit down which you are comfortable with and/or part exchange your existing car with us, even if there is finance outstanding on it. Our finance packages are built around you. Please speak to an advisor for more information.
Can i make extra payments?
Yes, depending which finance company has approved your application. These can be paid directly to the finance company anytime and there are no penalties for doing so.
What is the least amount of finance you offer?
The smallest lend we do is £2000 and the largest lend is £50,000. The shortest term we offer is 12 months and the longest is 5 years.
I am a full time student can i apply for finance?
Yes, we can finance students. We just need to know what your income is and the source. In some cases we may need a parent to stand guarantor.
Can i apply if im on benefits
Yes, we should be able to help, make a application and we will do our best.
If im self employed can i get car finance?
Yes, if you're self-employed we should be able to help with the finance no problem. We may need 3 months bank statements.
Can i use my Part Ex as my deposit
Yes, we can use your part exchange as full deposit. Just call us up for a free valuation. Also you may not require a deposit.
If i live in Northern Ireland can i still have car finance
Yes, we can help subject to your credit.
Can i get car finance with a provisional licence
Yes you can, as long as you are over 18 and have a good credit rating.
I need to downsize my car for a cheaper one!
This can be done very easily, we would need to get a settlement on your current vehicle, value your car and quote some new payments on a cheaper car.
Can you finance my car if im in negative equity
Yes, we can help depending on the amount of negative equity. We have a number of lenders who will lend over retail value.
If i work part time am i eligible for car finance
Yes we can help. As long as you work over 16 hours per week.
How long does it take to get a decision
Applications are dealt with the same day and you will receive an email or phone call with a decision and the next steps needed to continue the application process.
What if i cant afford to repay my loan
Different lenders take different approaches. If you face difficulty repaying a loan, the best course of action is to contact the lender immediately and explain the circumstances. Failing to keep up payments puts you at risk of having the car and any other assets you may have repossessed.
How much can i borrow
Subject to satisfying our normal credit criteria, and taking into consideration the affordability of the loan we can arrange up to the full amount of the vehicle being purchased, although in certain circumstances we may require you to contribute a deposit.
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